Neurosurgery Lebanon, NH

Neurosurgery – Lebanon, New Hampshire In Partnership with Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital

UVNN partners with Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital in Lebanon, New Hampshire to provide patients with minimally invasive neurosurgical care, spinal surgery, and Sacroiliac joint care.

The UVNN neurosurgery team is committed to providing highly specialized, personalized care to patients in a private practice setting. Through ground-breaking and state-of-the-art technology, we diagnose, manage, and treat neurosurgical disorders and perform major neurosurgical procedures at Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital each year.

Our clinical practice is located in Lebanon, New Hampshire just a quarter mile off Interstate 89 on Route NH-120. Pre and post surgical care is conducted in this location. Surgeries are performed close-by at the Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital.

Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital serves families throughout central and southern New Hampshire and Vermont. Neurosurgical services include minimally invasive spinal surgery, craniotomies, and radiosurgery to treat a multitude of disorders such as herniated discs, stenosis, nerve compression, meningiomas, as well as other spinal and peripheral nerve problems.

Clinical Location

UVNN Office Lebanon, NH

106 Hanover Street Lebanon, NH 03766

Phone: (603) 448-0447

Hours: 8:00am – 4:00pm

Surgical Location

Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital

10 Alice Peck Day Drive Lebanon, NH 03766

Hours: Open 24 Hours