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Spinal Surgery

surgery team

UVMIS provides high level, personalized analysis and management of spinal diseases. We are trained in multiple surgical techniques including standard/open, minimally invasive, microscopic and image guided procedures. We are leading the way in reducing the invasiveness, pain and disability associated with spinal problems and surgeries. Our group was the first in the Upper Valley to routinely use intraoperative computer assisted image guidance in complex spine surgeries. We focus on careful treatment of tissues and minimizing the physical trauma of surgery, which reduces pain and speeds recovery. Unlike most spine surgeons, we track our surgical outcomes so that we can continually improve, ensuring the best outcomes for our patients.

When it comes to spinal expertise, our outcomes demonstrate that Upper Valley Minimally Invasive Spine Center and UVNN stand on par with any private or academic group in the nation. Our surgeons continue to push the frontiers of spine care by utilizing the latest techniques to make the experience better for you.

Even though we enjoy the ability to help people through our surgical procedures, we recognize that most people are not anxious to have an operation. If possible and appropriate, non-operative management will be favored until such time as a surgery is needed. In fact, more than half of our patients are successfully treated without surgery.

If you do need surgery, you will be cared for at one of our small, community oriented hospitals. We do many surgical cases at these facilities and they are superb at meeting your needs. The physicians, nurses, and hospital personnel are extremely responsive and will treat you like family.

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