November 3, 2021 in UVNN News

UVNN Receives Perfect Scores in Neurosurgery on Recent Patient Survey

UVNN Neurosurgery Patient Survey

UVNN’s neurosurgery patient survey is a reflection of our dedication to quality patient care. Conducted in partnership with our valued community health care provider, Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital, our team of highly skilled, Board Certified neurosurgeons provide both operative and non-operative services to patients seeking treatment for a variety of neurological conditions. Our holistic approach to medicine includes prevention, diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, critical care, and rehabilitation services, as well as operative and non-invasive neurosurgery.

In a recent survey, UVNN scored perfectly in patient satisfaction with positive patient feedback in personal care, bedside manner, surgical expertise, and overall patient experience categories. 

We take great pride in the experience we provide our patients and our continuous improvement and safety standards are reflected in the feedback we received during the survey. Patients excerpts from the survey include: 

“The surgical staff at APD is excellent. The very best!” 

“I had a very good experience. This was my first time at APD and I was impressed with the whole staff.”

“The entire experience went very smoothly.”

“This was my first time at this facility and my provider / doctor was a 10 in all categories. It really was the perfect surgical experience.” 

“The surgical team worked very well as a TEAM. It really made me feel like they cared a great deal about my outcome.” 

“Everyone was very positive and helpful. That’s why I chose APD over other, local hospitals and I’m so glad I did. It was the right choice.”

Thank you to our neurosurgeons, nurses, and administrative staff who work tirelessly to provide our patients with the very best pre and post neurosurgical experience. Your hard work and commitment resulted in perfect scores on UVNN’s neurosurgery patient survey. Your dedication is not only apparent but sincerely appreciated.

Learn more about our team of Board Certified neurosurgeons here or contact us to schedule an appointment.

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